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inFlow Inventory Software Free Edition

inFlow Inventory Software helps businesses to manage sales, purchasing, and inventory
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23 January 2013

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The inflow Inventory software is a package for managing inventory for small and medium sized businesses.

inFlow Inventory Software is helps manage inventory in SME segment of businesses. Keeping products organized is easy. You can use categories, pictures/images and prices to help in the management. The software is able to manage more than 10,000 products on PC easily. By being able to manage inventory efficiently you can free up a lot of blocked capital lying tied up in inventory that is not moving. If you are fulfilling orders it can help keep your customers happy by your ability to respond on a timely manner. Tracking inventory, setting reorder levels for automatic ordering, analysis of how stocks are moving and creating meaningful reports are the features that let you keep things smooth. The products list you see on the interface is a tabular format but has many details that help identify the item very quickly. Multiple measurement units are supported by the software.

The application helps create barcodes so that you can create and apply right barcodes for storing tracking and check out of material very efficiently. The software is compatible with most barcode scanners available. Tracking of inventory in multiple locations is possible. You can specify sub-locations to more precisely track aisle numbers, bin numbers, etc. It is possible to obtain a full history of any inventory movements or adjustments to track down any problems or pilferage. Customer order fulfillment is possible with just one click, inventory is updated immediately. You can automatically assemble finished products or packages from raw materials, updating the inventory accordingly. Invoices are managed as are PO issues. Detailed reports including meaningful charts help you stay on top of the business.

Publisher's description

inFlow Inventory Software is inventory management software designed for small to mid-sized businesses.
By using inFlow, you can save time on paperwork, fulfill customer needs more accurately, free up cash held in excess inventory.
inFlow can help you to track inventory, take customers orders, reorder stock, generate reports.
Since 2007, inFlow has been used by over 120,000 users in 60 countries across countless industries. We have retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, e-commerce, professional services, healthcare, government, etc. using our software.
The main limitation of the Free Edition is you can only save a combined total of 100 products and customers.
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inFlow Inventory Software Free Edition
inFlow Inventory Software Free Edition
Version 2.5.1
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